It Is Time To Paddle For The Planet And We Need Your Help…

We are pleased to announce Paddle’s for the Planet’s 2019 global awareness day:

Sunday, JUNE 2nd, 2019

Paddle for the Planet Global Awareness Day is a paddling relay hosted on the same day, countries all over the world. Paddle for the Planet is a movement for conservation that unites paddlers and creates awareness for clean waterways.

The goal is to have simultaneous paddling events happening sequentially, at a specific time, in every time zone and in each country around the world.

The result will be to unite paddlers of any type of paddling craft through the Global Relay.

Paddle for the Planet aims to raise awareness and financial support for marine conservation specifically in the area of reserves and “no take zones”.

Paddle for the Planet wants to create an opportunity to make a difference. Often, when faced with the magnitude of environmental issues, a person is left feeling overwhelmed and as if there is nothing that can be done. We want to allow all paddlers the opportunity to help.

Paddle for the Planet will raise money through donations in the following way:

  1. Through the website (donations)
  2. On the day of the Paddle by charging a small participation fee to paddlers
  3. Corporately through partnerships
  4. Via the sale of T-shirts and other merchandise
  5. Sponsorship on the day of the event (charging a fee for corporates to be involved)

(In 2011 we raised enough funds to help towards the Raja Ampat Reserve purchase of a new patrol boat.)

Getting Involved

Start or Join a P4P group in your area! If you can’t find a group in your area then start one.  You be the “Leader” and get all your friends to join you. Check out our FAQs to understand how easy it is to make a difference.

Download/Ask for/Get the Paddle for the Planet logo and put it on some t-shirts, stickers, your blogs… whatever, go wild. Download the Brand Pack.

Let us know who and where you are. Please give your Time Zone in relation to Greenwich Mean Time without daylight saving (i.e. GMT-1). There are LOTS of time zones that need a “paddling leader” so PLEASE send to paddling friends all over the world to spread the word. Register your details on the website and Facebook page.

On The Day Of The Paddle

Let’s know who’s paddling. Everyone should register at their particular paddle and know why they are doing it.

Donate towards the Cause. There should a suggested minimum donation fee of $10 of which all proceeds will go towards marine conservation, specifically reserves.

Get footage. Take video clips, make movies and let the world know that paddlers are taking the conservation of their oceans seriously.

Go to our FAQs page and get some ideas on how to make a difference. It’s your time. Make it count.

Dawid Mocke, Paddle for the Planet Ambassador

Paddle for the Planet is a registered Not for Profit Organisation (RegNo: 2013/102375/08)